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Chester and I

Welcome to our Blog 

​For those of you who don't already know, my name is Sarah and my life revolves around Chester, my four year old Border collie. He has quite the unique marking with the personality to match.

on the human front I've completed my degree and plan to go onto my masters soon

(Keeping the stay at home dog mum vibes). I also have a rare form of Arthritis, of which Chester really helps me stay active and happy.


We love nothing more than exploring the British countryside together, finding new dog friendly places to visit and products to try out. All while playing tug in between 

While he does have his spoilt, diva dog moments, he does me proud and is a star in front of the camera.​

This blog will mainly be dedicated to sharing our adventures and travels, dog-related advice posts 

It will also feature reviews of our favourite products, anything to related to human and pup & go-to brands; all tried and tested by Chester himself (Or me if needed)

Sarah & Chester x

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