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Ruff day? Need a bit of re-tail therapy? Get some money off some of our absolute favourite brands/products with our discount codes below! Being a Dog Blogger has it's perks and we have been so fortunate to work alongside many businesses small and large.

We have personally tried, tested, and highly rate all of these products!

We only request or accept discount codes from brands we love, use and genuinely recommend, so you can trust that all of these products are 100% Chester & Crumble approved!

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Plant & Paws

Plan & Paws are a plant based treat company based in Ireland. They have a range of Healthy Bites and Dental Sticks mostly made from Fruits and veggies. Which are a great way to add nutrients into your dog’s diet.

Use code CC15 to get 15% off your treats!

Pets Love Fresh

Pets Love Fresh are a home-cooked wet food company based in the South East of England. Their food comes in Chubs which is easy to cut up into chunks. Its a pate type texture and they have a range of flavours including Chicken, Duck, Beef and Venison.  

Use code 20BYCHESTER&CRUMBLE to get 20% off your order!


Nuts For Pets

Nuts for Pets started as a dog friendly peanut butter brand but quickly grew into a range of pet friendly natural products. Poochbutter and Pup Pup Zen Chews are our favourite products! 

Use code Chester to get 15% off your order!



Tug-E-Nuff toys are by far Chesters favourite, they are perfect for training or just having some fun with your dog! The toys are handmade with soft real sheepskin, rabbit or faux fur and come with a range of handles including a shock absorbing bungee handles.

Use code Charming_Chesterfield


Paw Aid

The Paw Aid compact water-resistant Dog First Aid Kit contains all you need to treat common injuries. It's a must have for keeping in the car and taking on any adventures! It contains all the essentials including a Tick remover!

Use code CharmingChester for money off!

Handmade Hound

Handmade hound specialises in waterproof collars and leads perfect for wet winters and muddy pups!

Use code Charmingchester for 10% off your order

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