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3 eco-friendly dog products and habits to help the planet with

1. Avoid plastic dog toys (choose recycled or upcycled plastic alternatives)

When looking some more sustainable toys for Chester I came across P.L.A.Y they stand for Pet Lifestyle and You. They make a great range of dog beds and toys that are made with you, your dog and the planet in mind they are also on the lower priced side for being sustainable

P.L.A.Y Toys are filled with certified safe eco friendly PlanetFill Polyfibre made from recycled bottles additionally the

Each toy features a unique sounding supersized squeaker inside to capture your pup's attention, sliding hind limbs for extra tugging fun and P.L.A.Y.’s certified safe eco-friendly PlanetFill® polyfiber.

Chester is pictured with P.L.A.Y's safari range lion which in line with P.L.A.Y.’s continued commitment to helping animals in need, 2% of the purchase price will benefit the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to aid in its mission to reduce the commercial exploitation of animals, protect wildlife habitats, and assist animals in distress.

Available to purchase on - Use Sarah10 for a discount

2. Ditch plastic poo bags (for an eco-friendly poop bag alternative)

Earth Rated are a B Corp Certified company, founded in 2009, Earth Rated vision is to empower dog owners to have a positive impact on their dogs' lives and the community around them. As a company focused on innovation and responsibility, Earth Rated believes that making a difference starts with caring about everyday things. Every dog is different. But most of the internet agrees that between 1 to 5 poops per day is normal and healthy. Whether your dog is a pooping machine or a graceful once-a-day, we can all agree that a lot of poop bags over a year! With many going to landfill by switching to a compostable bag we can all do our part to help the planet.

We love the Earth Rated unscented poop bags. They are bigger, thicker, and totally leak-proof! They also come in a lavender scent.

They are made from a blend of PBAT and vegetable starches which makes them compostable. Composting is a natural process that reduces organic waste and helps it to become a nutrient source for plants.

Earth rated poop bags can be disposed of in a municipal compost environment where pet waste is accepted.These facilities are not widely available in the UK, you can however compost your dog’s poop at home, to do so you’re going to need to make your own compost bin or purchase a compost bin. This bin can be filled with things like grass clippings, plants, and other organic waste. Sawdust can also be added, as this becomes a source of food for microbes.

For more information on composting dog poop, check out Earth Rated blog post about How and Where to Compost Dog Poop!

Available to purchase at - Use Sarah10 for a discount

3. Choose Ceramic or Bamboo dog bowls

Until recently we always had Ceramic bowls for Chester until we discovered how much lighter Bamboo dog bowls are! We made the switch and tried both the Beco and District 70 Bamboo bowls out to see which we prefered.

Beco Ocean Waves printed food bowl - Use Sarah10 to save money at

District70 Large Stone Bamboo Bowl

The Beco Bamboo bowl Made from plant-based materials including 35% bamboo and 53% PLA (corn-based), this bowl offers a great alternative to a traditional dog bowl. The natural strength of bamboo means this bowl will last for years in the home.

The District 70 is available in three different sizes, which is perfect for all dog sizes. The base features an anti-slip silicone ring to prevent the bowl from sliding around and helps to protect any  tile and hardwood floors from damage. Made from strong and durable bamboo, the bowls are suitable for holding either food or water and are dishwasher safe.

We do love both bowls and use both regularly but the District 70 bowls have the slight advantage mainly because they have a grip on the bottom to stop the bowl from moving which when Chester must get every crumb out of his bowl is essential to stop it moving around our utility room. I do feel like Chester likes the Beco bowl better as its slightly deeper and it make it look like he has more food in his bowl which for a foodaholic like Chester is a must!

Thanks for Reading

Sarah & Chester xx

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