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Cleaning Cockapoo Puppy Ears?

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Keeping your cockapoo ears clean is a vital part of caring for your cockapoo or any dog breed. It can sometimes appear a daunting task, but cleaning their ears is key to preventing ear infections in cockapoos and other long eared dogs. If you’re wondering how to clean cockapoo ears – don’t worry it’s actually quite simple!

There are two products you can use:

Ear Cleaner

Ear Wipes

* Our advice is not a substitute for veterinary advice, and we advise checking with your vets if you are unsure. If you think your dog has an ear infection please go to your vets to get it treated!

A step that isn’t included below, but is crucial to cleaning ears is getting your cockapoo used to having their ears touched/bathed/cleaned. This is important for two reasons:

  • Firstly, The steps below will be so much easier

  • Second, If your cockapoo ever gets an infection, your vet will have no problem touching their ears.

To ensure your cockapoo is desensitised to touching, all you have to do is be positive and patient. Start off with food or toy rewards every time you touch his/her ears and give lots of praise. If you regularly bathe your cockapoo, you’ll also find that any sensitivity to touching their ears quickly disappears.

Using Ear Cleaner

1. Apply the liquid ear cleaner by lifting up your cockapoos ear and squirt a small amount of liquid into the base of your dog's ear. I recommend the Furrish Ear Cleaner

2. Massage away! Once you’ve applied the recommended amount of ear cleaner, simply massage your cockapoos ear canal. This is located down from the ear opening, toward’s your cockapoos jaw. This is the best bit for Crumble, she loves a good ear scratch!

3. Let Them SHAKE! Stand back for this one! Let your cockapoo do the customary shake and head scratch. Sometimes, you might get a few splashes on you! Not Pleasant! If you’re cockapoo is like Crumble, they will roll and rub their head on a rug or carpet. Let them! This process helps to dislodge dirt and other bits of grub from deep inside their ears. It is an essential part of cleaning cockapoo ears.

4. Finally, gently use a cotton pad to wipe away any excess dirt. Use a new pad for each ear.

For Ear Wipes

I recommend using the Furrish Ear wipes which are circular small wet wipe pads. They contains aloe vera & witch hazel with anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties that soothes the itching and softens/ moisturizes the callous epidermis

Using them is really simple:

1. Push a finger into the centre of the pad, making it into a little tepee.

2. Lift your dog’s ear up and wipe away any dirt around the external part of the ear that has become dislodged (you may use few pads)


After reading how to clean your cockapoos ears you might be wondering how often you should do it. Well, there is no hard and fast rule to this and it does depend things like how often your cockapoo is in water, or gets muddy.

Generally speaking, you should clean your cockapoos ears every month. I do a quick wipe with her ear wipes once a week. This is because their floppy ears help to keep all sorts of germs and nasties warm and comfortable. And regular cleaning helps to prevent ear infections.

Thanks for Reading

Sarah, Chester and Crumble xx

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