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Isolation: Delight or Disaster?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Having a weakened immune means that I had to make the decision to isolate for 12 weeks hopefully less.

University is now closed and I am working from home, to Chester this is the best thing to ever happen. Of course its not that easy I still have three modules to complete with six assignments but Chester hasn't grasped that yet.

Mine might just be broken but entertaining a Border Collie is notoriously hard work!

So I thought i'd share how I keep Chester entertained whilst working from home!

1) - Chews - Natural chews are a great way to break up the day, Chester is starting to enjoy them next to my office chair as we start our new 'normal'

Chester adores;


Zealandia Veal Ribbies

JR Braided Lamb

Anco Naturals Rabbit Hide Strips

2) - New Toys - I have no idea why but Chester loves a new toy, entertains him for hours with no involvement from me! As we now potentially wont be having a new adventure for some time I have bought a six new toy's one for each week.

3) - Hide and Seek - Even though Chesters intelligent he's not that intelligent. We love playing hide and seek with both Chester and Maisy it really exhaust's them. It does require two people. we tend to have one person holding them while counting to 20 - Then they release them to go mad round the house searching!

4) - Training - Always a good thing to do when stuck in the house and Chester loves learning new tricks which is a bonus. We are hoping to perfect 'Sit pretty' and 'Go round' and want to learn 'cross paws' and 'hold'

Thanks for reading

Sarah & Chester xx

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