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Preparing For Crumble's Spay

Tomorrow is surgery day for Crumble!

Crumble has a small Umbilical hernia which was found by her breeders vet at 8 weeks old. Me and our vet have been monitoring it since and I had everything crossed that it would close before her growing plate did. But at her 6 month old check up, it unfortunately hadn't closed as much as we'd hoped it would and she would need surgery.

After discussing it with our vet we decided that we would repair the hernia when she was spayed and as she had her first season in April/May she is booked in for July 17th (Tomorrow!)

She will have her hernia repair along side her spay so that she is only going through one surgery. It's making me feel sick writing this, I'm so anxious about the surgery I know she needs it but I hate the idea of her going under General Anaesthetic

I though I'd share how I'm preparing us both for Crumbles spay tomorrow!

1) Take time off work

Working from home anyway means I'm flexible but I'm taking the week off to make sure she is okay and healing the best she can. The first night home after the operation she will be coming out of anaesthesia still and shaking off its side effects, which probably means I'll be up in the night with her.

2) Purchase Surgical Recovery Suits

In recent years, recovery suits have become a popular alternative to traditional cones for post-surgery care and wound protection. We've only had one dog previously have operations and have always used a suit as I think all dogs just naturally hate the cone of shame!

Dog Surgical Recovery suits on kitchen bench
Surgical Recovery Suits

We did once try a inflatable cone but that didn't turn out much better! For Crumble I've bought three surgical suits. I'm not sure how long she'll have to wear them but three should be enough. Recovery suits are designed to provide a comfortable, secure environment during the healing process. These suits help protect surgical sites and wounds from licking, biting, or scratching which reduces the risk of infection and promotes faster healing.

I bought Crumble's suits from Amazon

3) Give her a Tidy up Groom

Crumble's face needs a weekly/two-weekly tidy up to stop her face hairs from over growing and stopping her being able to see! I've shaped her eyes a bit shorter than usual so I don't have to redo them next week in case she's not feeling up to it

4) Give Her a Bath

Again while she's healing she obviously won't be able to have a bath or get her wound wet so she's had a pamper today and then she won't need a bath untill she's healed

5) Set Up Her Crate

After major surgery it is extremely important that she rests as much as possible for the next 10-14 days. This will hopefully prevent any complications or issues with witches. Crumble will be on a strict no running, jumping, climbing stairs or doing anything other than walking on her lead for the next 10 days. So she has a safe calm space I've set her puppy crate up to encourage as much rest as I can. According to google the time of highest risk for the sutures breaking down is 3-5 days after surgery.

6) Got Her Some New Toys

While she's resting Chester is probably going to be playing around her on purpose because he can be quite the naughty boy sometime! Ideally I am going to keep them in separate rooms for the first few days. So I thought she deserved a new soft toy and a chew to help with the boredom of resting!

7) Plan a walk for Me & Chester

I'm probably going to be a mess from when I drop her off till they call me to pick her up! I need to take my mind off it so Ive got a list of things to do to keep me busy!

Wish us luck for tomorrow!

Thanks for reading

Sarah, Chester and Crumble

*Disclaimer, be sure to always consult with your vet when preparing for your dog’s spay, or any, operation. The above is not meant to replace medical advice from a certified veterinarian. This blog is based upon my own personal experience with my dogs.

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Thanks for the tips. My girl is due to be spayed at the end of this month. I’m dreading it

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