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Puree! - Baby Food Quick Make Links

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

In The Ebook most recipes have a 'Quick Make' where I have use pre-made puree or Baby food when time is short. Always check the ingredients and make sure none of them contain any toxic ingredients from my printable pages.


Just Apple - Ellas Kitchen

Just Pear

Just Banana - Ellas Kitchen

Apple and Pear - Cow and Gate/Sainsbury's

Apple and Strawberry - Ellas Kitchen

Apple and Mango - Biona/ Sainsburys

Apple and Banana Puree - Biona or Ellas Kitchen

Apple Strawberry and Blueberry - Organix

Apple, Carrot and Parsnip


Carrot - Sainsburys/Organix

Sweet Potato - Ella Kitchen/Sainsburys

Pea - Ella Kitchen/Cow and Gate/

Pear, Peas and Broccoli - Ellas kitchen

Parsnip, Butternut Squash and Cauliflower

Sweet potato, Broccoli and Carrot

There are many more you can use just keep in mind the toxic ingredients to dogs just head to your local supermarket and check out the baby isle.

Sarah & Chester x

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