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Staycation Essentials

Updated: May 24, 2023

We travel often with Chester, whether it be a day trip, a weekend away or a staycation. Traveling with a dog might sound stressful, but with the right preparations in place, it can make your trip away even more memorable (in a good way).

Here are our top travel essentials to make travelling with a dog easier and safer:

PawAid First Aid Kit - Because you shouldn't travel without a First Aid kit! PawAid Pet First Aid Kit was created due to the lack of quality of pet first aid kits on the market. It contains what you need for small emergencies. They are also perfect to carry long term medication you dog may need and to store supplements while travelling. Ours including travelling potions of Kalm Aid, Joint Aid and Leucillin as well as Probiotic paste.

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Forthglade Cold-Pressed Bag 1kg - Because you can't travel with a 6kg bag! I don't like changing Chesters food when we travel so I had to find a way take it with us. I originally used to portion each day and pack into reusable bags but packing them was too tricky so I settle on just buying 1kg bags from Forthglade. It's so easy to pack and you can just portion up while away!

Beco Bamboo Bowls - We normally use ceramic bowls but they just aren't practical to travel with. After searching for a suitable alternative I found the Beco Bamboo Bowls. I bought the Classic in Ocean Waves in size L. They are made from Bamboo, Cornstarch and Rice Husks. They are so light and great to travel with easy to store and so easy to clean too. I actually love them so much they have become Chester's permanent bowls!

Hydratem8 Travel Bottle - Perfect lightweight portable water bottle for dogs is great to keep in the car or carry on walks. Large enough to keep pups hydrated on walks however I found it heavy for me on longer walks (but that's just me, my mum carried it on one of our walks and she didn't think it was heavy at all) especially if i'm carrying my camera without water it perfectly lightweight. It's an absolute must for in the car especially during the summer months. It also comes with a very fillable container for treats or a small amount of food. We've used this a few times and once the water is finished you can store it inside the end.

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Lickimats Wobble Bowls - For Enrichment. Dogs can be quite unsettled when they aren't in their familiar environment whether that is shown in excitement or anxiety. Lickimats can be perfect to help them settle quicker. We always take a wobble away with us on a overnight trip especially for the first night, it's exciting for Chester he views it as high value and he completely forgets where he is and that he's travelled in car and just enjoys his bowl this de-stresses and him and allows him to relax and get comfortable in his temporary new home.

The Dandy Dog Company - Day Trippers Canvas Backpack.

When it's dry the Day Trippers backpack is our go to bag! It's a Versatile Backpack made from Eco Friendly Cotton Canvas. It features lots of good sized compartments and pockets, including a easy access smaller zipped pocket on the front of the bag perfect for keys. It has a Vegan Leather trim and internal zipped pockets for precious items. The compartments are perfect for separating my stuff and Chesters especially if we are taking stinky chews!

Field and Town Collapsible Bowl - Perfect for longer walks and attaches perfectly to our Dandy Dog backpack. I find carrying water for me and Chester too difficult, so I pop a bottle in for me and carry this collapsible bowl just to pour water into. For our shorter walks or where someone else is carrying the bags we use the Hydratem8 travel bowl and this stays in the car as a back up!

Thanks For Reading

Sarah & Chester

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