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Why Pets Love Fresh?

The benefits of a home cooked meal! Healthy, gently cooked and full of protein.

Pets Love Fresh dog food!

We have fed a variety of foods and have only found a few that not only agree with all three dogs, they absolutely love, doesn't break the bank and is healthy! We have been feeding Pets Love Fresh for just over a month now and the dogs are thriving on it! Simply Chicken is the current favourite.

Pets Love Fresh is a home cooked food that is frozen on the farm the day its made, and sent out frozen. The chubs are kept in your freezer and taken out 24 hours before you need them to defrost in the fridge. They have a 5 day fridge life once defrosted. The chubs are available in 600g or 1kg.

Pets Love Fresh's story come from a very familiar place. One that I was in with Crumble not that long ago

"In 2013 our family dog Holly was suffering with allergies, bloating and had no energy. None of the vet recommended dry foods or pills worked. Then a friend recommended we try a simple diet of home cooked chicken and rice.

Within weeks Holly had completely changed. Full of energy, a beautiful coat and all her allergies had disappeared. Coincidence? We spent 6 years researching all the major dog food brands (both kibble and meat) and found 3 common themes: Overcooked, Full of preservatives and Just 4% meat.

From this Pets Love Fresh was created!"

Crumble has been a fussy eater since she came home. She'd have periods of eating well and then just go off her food. Thing is, she's always been a foodie giver her scrambled eggs or chicken she'd woof it down! Until she had surgery in July, she had an umbilical hernia which I'm convinced was making her feel fuller than she was and that was the reason she wasn't eating large volumes because she definitely was hungry.

Just before her surgery and immediately after I focused on what textures she liked in her food and see if we could find a wet food that suited her. She adores JR Pate and at one point was eating that as her food, thats when I started searching for food I could cut up in cubes for her as she clearly loves that texture. That's when I found Pets Love Fresh! Crumble loves the texture it's been a hit since we first started it. We found her perfect food and were never changing!

Cubed pets love fresh food on chopping board
Pets Love Fresh Cubes

Chester has also changed his wet food to Pets Love Fresh and is also doing so well on it. Its clearly tasty but Chester is a huge foodie so its hard to tell exactly what he loves about it. Although he never used to jump up on the bench to lick the wrapper of any of his previous wet food!

Pets Love Fresh have given us a code for you to use to get 20% off your first order: 20BYCHESTER&CRUMBLE

Thanks for Reading

Sarah, Chester & Crumble xx

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Jan 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks! Used your code and the dogs loved their new food! :)


Aug 25, 2023
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