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Woof-It List

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

With Maisy the ‘Dog Friendly’ was limited she was barely allowed in any shops never-mind restaurants, café, or attractions.

Obviously in 2018 this wasn’t the case!

As its almost Chesters 1st birthday, it got me thinking about all we’ve done, and the unlimited things I would like to do with him. I mean I know we can’t do them all, but we might as well try! This created Chester’s Woof-It-List (Bucket List)

I feel so luck they we have ticked off three already!! Hopefully another four should be ticked off soon!! Including DogFest which we are so excited about! Even better we’re attending as VIP’s!! Which means that there is a very big possibility that we will get to meet Noel Fitzpatrick! (Hopefully he’ll sign mums copy of his book)

But before we head to DogFest, we are going to work on Chester’s confidence levels! Once he hit the 10 month fear period, he has really struggled with his anxiety.

Sarah & Chester x

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