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Chemical Castration Q&A

Updated: May 20, 2023

Like a-lot of Dog mums out there I was unsure that surgical castration was right for Chester. But with an intact bitch we weren’t sure how things would work.

Chester is nervous and I didn't want to turn his nervousness into aggressiveness. I searched endlessly for an option or potential training that meant he didn’t have to have surgery. Eventually I came across Chemical Castration and the suprelorin implant a 6 to 12 month temporary solution to neutering. Chemical castration is relatively new so naturally when i announced on instagram that Chester had been chemically castrated there were a lot of questions. He initially had a 6 month implant in April 2019 and then a 12 month implant in November 2019. Since he has now had 3 months I thought i'd answer some questions.

Does it change their temperament?

I obviously can’t speak for all dogs. But for Chester his temperament hasn't changed vastly, he is a little less pig-headed. But he is still very cheeky and his personality is the same just minus the humping.

Is it available at all Vets?

Out of the three Vets I contacted only two were able to offer Chemical Castration. I know it is not widely available in the UK or other countries. It is took a lot of research to find and searching on google does not show vets who offer it. My advice would be to get a list of all Vets local to you, call them and ask. Note the prices too as they can vary hugely.

How long does it take to work after implant?

The 4.7mg does seemed to work for Chester after about two weeks but it is recommended up to six weeks. The 9.4mg does took longer to work. About eight weeks.

How long does it last for?

On the brands website it states that it varies for each dog depending on weight, obviously it will last much less in a 40kg dog than in a 10kg one. Chester is 25Kg and the 4.7mg lasted pretty much six months give or take a couple of days. I can’t comment on the 9.4mg dose as it hasn’t been twelve months since it was administered yet.

Are there any side effects?

Noted side effects are said to be localised swelling around the injection site. Chester had swelling and redness for around four days.

How much does it cost?

The implants are available in 4.7mg or 9.4mg. The 6 month dose (4.7mg) cost me £164 (£35 Consultation and £129 for the implant) and the 12 month does (9.4mg) cost me £283 (£35 Consultation and £248 for the implant)

Has Chester been easier to train?

Much. Obviously i cant say wether the reduction of selective hearing is due to the implant or maturity but it did start to come back when the six month implant started to wear off.

Has it made Chester more or less Nervous/Confident/Aggressive?

Again other factors have impacted Chester. But in general I do think it has made him more nervous, but at the same time easier to train. Which means i have been able to confidence build with him.

If anyone has anymore questions feel free to leave a comment or message me on instagram

Sarah & Chester xx

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