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KalmAid: The Anxiety Remedy

I have been trying to find a supplement that would help Chesters nerves and generalised anxiety for a while. I have tried a few well known brands with either little or no effect or Chester didn't like the smell, until I found Kalm Aid. KalmAid is designed to be used for a one off fearful event or for long term anxiety, which made it ideal to be used as a daily supplement for Chester.

I have been adding KalmAid to Chester's food for over 3 months now. I wanted to thoroughly test it out before recommending it to ensure it really worked for us. Chester is on a dose of 7.5ml which is three pumps a day. The liquid is caramel flavoured and mixes so easily with Chesters Forthglade wet recipes.

KalmAid is produced by the makers of PlaqueOff (ProDen) which is how we found out about it. Plaque off has been a regular in Chester's bowl since he was 1! ProDen is a brand we trust and love!

"Kalm Aid Anxiety Remedy is a nutritional supplement designed to ease dogs and cats which become anxious or fearful in certain situations."

Just a few months ago Chester was jumping or barking at any bang, his separation anxiety was incredible high he wouldn't even let me leave the car or the house without him at one point, he was just so nervous and I felt like it was making him unhappy.

(I will point out as I have been rather unwell over the past year I haven’t actually left him at all due to not really being able to leave the house myself. I've had nurses in the house and Chester did not react well to me injecting myself with my medication, the needle click scared him and he hated the smell of the medication. I was also admitted to hospital in August and that's when the separation anxiety increased which I completely understand and as my Vet confirmed will have triggered his anxiety increase as I was also very anxious and therefore fed his.)

Since starting him on KalmAid in around December it has helped Chester in so many ways, his separation anxiety has decreased to a level where I can now leave him without him having a complete meltdown and start to train him to be alone and in situations previously he couldn’t, his tolerance for stressors is increasing, he can now listen noises without barking at them and he is so much happier generally we still have progress to make but will be continue with both training and KalmAid to achieve this.

We get ours from VioVet - Click Here for Link

Use Code VAFEB22 for 5% off £40

Thanks For Reading

Sarah & Chester

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