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Long Time No Blog...

Life has been pretty hectic since our last post in December. We headed down to Colchester for a family wedding and stayed in gorgeous secluded lodge in the Essex countryside which I will be posting about soon (I have written up the post it's just not completely finished yet).

Sneak Peek

Wooden Lodge in countryside with gravel path

The main reason we've been quiet on here is my health hasn't been great and i've struggled a lot in December and January with infections/virus causing me to continuously flare and that Chester was neutered on the 20th of December.

This wasn't booked far in advance it was a decision I made a few days before. His Chemical castration was clearly wearing off and I had to make the decision, the vet was recommending we didn't re-implant due to the fact it hadn't been a year since the last one and even though they are supposed to last a year, Chester's wasn't because he was at the higher end of the weight for the maximum that the implant was tested to.

So I decided for both of us that a short wait time would be best and took advantage of a cancellation that the vets had.

If you've been around our blog for a while you'll already know that Chester has a terrible fear of the vets such to an experience in 2019 I won't go back into it but if you want to read about it here's a link to the blog post.

To help him stay calm and relaxed we agreed with the vets that I would give him a combination of trazodone and gabapentin and they would sedate him in the consulting room with me present and he'd be the first one into the Op.

It's the first time I feel like I've been listen to by vets and it honestly made the whole process so much easier for me and most importantly Chester.

I will be doing some blog post on his neuter experience but let me know if there are any questions you'd like me to answer or anything specific you want to know.

Thank you for reading

Sarah, Chester & Crumble

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