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Paw Aid - The First Aid Kit You Need!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

First aid kits are/should be an essential part of every dog owner’s armory, we should all have the items needed to provide aid for small injuries until we can access veterinary help. They can also be perfect to store everyday medication for your dog such as Probiotic paste, Leucillin and @PetRemedy. The idea of our dogs getting injured on a walk or adventure is one none of us like to think about but we should alway be prepared.

Introducing the @PawAid Pet First Aid Kit!

A lot of us travel regularly with our pets, whether it's for a day trip or staycation, it’s a good idea to have a kit in your car or bag to provide any care needed while on the go. The @PawAid fits perfectly in the glove compartment of our car which is very easily accessible when on the road.

The @PawAid - Pet first aid kit has everything you need to treat common injuries, it is compact and water-resistant which makes it great to take on adventures, and comes with easy to carry handles. I store ours in the car so we always have it on hand when out and about.

The kit should be well organised, the @PawAid bag is ideal with multiple compartments to allow you to quickly grab what you need. As you can see from the images I added a few of our items to the bag to tailor it for Chester, I added a thermometer, and some face pads for using Leucillin.

The Kit Contains:

2 x Sting Relief 1 x Abdominal Pad 4 x Iodine Prep Pad 2 x Safety Pins 2 x Lancets 4 x Alcohol Prep Pads 4 x Adhesive wound small. 4 x Adhesive wound large 1 x Whistle 1 x Pill Box 2 x Wood Tongue Compress 1 x Large Syringe Barrel 2 x Gloves (2 Pairs) 1 x Tough Cut Scissors 1 x Rubber Tourniquet 1 x CPR Mask

​1 x Carabiner 1 x Tick Remover 1 x Emergency Blanket 4 x Emergency Waste Bag 2 x Eye Wash 1 x Large flea comb 1 x Tweezers 2 x Small bandage 2 x large bandage 1 x Nail clippers 1 x Hemostatic pencil (Styptic Stick) 1 x Vet Wrap large (Cohesive) 1 x Vet Wrap small (Cohesive) 1 x Pack of cotton buds 1 x Microporous Tape

We love our kit, it's the perfect size to fit everything we need and we feel so prepared when on the go.

Use Code CHARMINGCHESTER for 10% Off

Thanks for reading

Sarah & Chester x

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