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Puppy Essentials with

There were many puppy products that I really loved with Chester and that I absolutely wanted to purchase again for Crumble. Some Chester currently still has in a larger size and enjoys playing with now more so than when he was a puppy! very kindly gifted us some of our favourite puppy products along with some to try out and share with you!

First our tried and tested products that I couldn't wait to get again for Crumble!

The best purchase for Puppies! I swear by wubbas!

Chester adored his puppy wubba, he had so much fun with it. He entertained himself for hours with the Wubba! Being Border Collie indestructible, I’m pretty certain I can genuinely say it will withstand most puppy breeds!

When Chester outgrew his puppy wubba we moved onto multiple adult sized one with his favourite being his snugga wubba. There are so many varieties to suit any dogs preferences. This was a must for Crumble. The wubba is a fun, interactive toss and tug toy perfect for rough puppy play. It's reinforced coloured fabric covers two balls; a smaller tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball underneath. The long floppy material tails make it easy to pick up, throw and thrash around. This has been perfect for Crumble to play with on her own, use to play tug with Chester or for us to distract her with when teething. She really loves the squeak and Chester drags it around for her to chase!

I have to admit photographing a enthusiastic puppy trying to get her favourite food out of a kong was considerably harder than I first thought and non of photos made my grade

A staple for enrichment and some quiet puppy time The Puppy Kong dog toy is specially designed for puppy’s baby teeth, the natural rubber formula is the most gentle in the Kong rubber toy line. It helps teach good chewing behavior while offering enrichment and mental stimulation while the erratic bounce make it incredibly fun to play with filled with food, frozen or just empty.

A stuffed puppy Kong occupies Crumble for a good 20 minutes allowing me aka a dog mum the freedom to attend to our needs, which can be difficult to balance in the first few weeks of bringing puppies home. Crumble is particularly enjoying the Kong puppy frozen with wet\dry food or fruit and vegetables and yogurt to help with teething pain at the moment.

Simple Solutions Puppy Pads -

Needed for long journey

We’ve previously used Simple Solution puppy pads with Chester because his breeder did. We also used Puppy Pads to toilet train Chester. We found them to be the best pads on the market in terms of leakage. Crumbles breeder fully toilet trained her to go outside. But we figured we needed some incase of accidents at the door. Additionally with a two hour long journey home from picking Crumble up they were an essential to allow her to relieve herself, and keep her safe at the service stations. We also popped one in our Kurgo Car Booster seat while its machine washable we still wanted to protect it on the way home.

The products we tested out and now love!

Perfect for teething. This was a puppy essential I didn’t have with Chester. This was a more selfish want as I thought the design would be great to hold while they chew the top and would prevent my fingers from being bitten. It has definitely prevented bites, but I've also very quickly found that it is very useful to hold chews, for general teething or to stuff and freeze with wet food as an enrichment treat or to soothe .

Crumble also loves playing with her Binkie as it has a similar bounce to the Kong treat toy so she loves to chase it around.

Idea travel system for Puppies

The Heather Booster Seat is waterproof with a stain resistant exterior and internal metal supports to provide a good structural frame. The built-in restraint can be attached to your dog's harness to secure them

Kurgo are renowned for their extensive range of products aimed at canine travel and safety. We tested the Heather Booster Seat from Kurgo's range of dog car seats to see if it was as good as they claim.

This elevated car seat, installs really easily on either your front seat or the single side of a 60/40 split rear seat, attaching to the car headrests and the seat itself. In the images below the booster seat is attached to the front passenger seat.

The Heather booster seat arrives folded but pre-assembled, all you have to do is unpack it.

The exterior is waterproof which we love and the removable base cushion and liner can be put in the washing machine making it really easy to keep clean especially with mucky pups!

The seat incorporates a range of safety features including built-in metal supports for a fixed safety conscious seat, an adjustable dog seat-belt so you don't need to buy a seperate one and flexible attachment points. Along with all of the other great safety features ensure that the seat provides a smooth ride for the puppy/dog on-board. The bottom line is that Crumble the Cockapoo loved the journey, the seat didn't rock or move while taking corners, so looked and felt very secure.

When not in use, the booster collapses flat for easy storage which is really easy to store away.

Whilst it can hold dogs up to 13 kg, Kurgo recommend this for dogs up to 9 kg so they have a little extra room to get comfy. (You know the routine - twist around and get tangled in the seat belt so mum has to stop and give you cuddles!)

Reasons to Buy

+ Removable & Machine Washable base cushion and liner

+ Perfect for Small breed Puppies

+ Built-in support

+ Includes adjustable seat belt attachment

+ Collapses flat for storage

Reasons not to Buy

- Only suitable up to 9kg (Large breed puppies will grow out of it fast)

Note: If your booster seat is involved in an accident, like child car seats and bike helmets, the booster seat should be replaced. Did you know it is a legal requirement to ensure your dog is suitably restrained whilst driving so they cannot distract or pose a risk of injury. also gifted us a 2kg bag of Huntlands Puppy Salmon Kibble to try out on Crumble she really likes it and it's been great to use as treats for training her too!

Huntland is a 100% natural and grain-free complete food specially balanced, with 50% meat or fish and 50% vegetables, fruits and herbs. With reduced carbohydrate levels due to no nasty cereals or grains, Huntland dog food makes a great complete and balanced diet for all adult dogs. Huntland complete foods have been created by the help of nutritionists and taste tested by some very fussy dogs - who absolutely loved it. Coming in a wide range of flavours, such as chicken, turkey, salmon and fish, there are healthy and natural options for your whatever flavour your dog prefers. Coming in convenient 2kg trial bags, so you can see if your dog likes it first!

Thanks for Reading

Sarah, Chester and Crumble x

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