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Review: Angell Pet Company

This new brand approached us to try out some of their products. They sent us so much Chester was over the moon! He adores anything fishy! They are a local brand just 40 miles north from us.

Their aim is to ensure your dog is their healthiest and happiest at the cheapest possible price to you. "For healthy and happy dogs, we start with the finest, freshest and nutritionally rich ingredients. We then gently cook these Superior ingredients in small batches and at low temperatures to preserve as much of their nutritional goodness as possible. This produces a range of Superior food and treats that are incredibly tasty (happy dog), full of natural goodness and that are extremely digestible (healthy dog)."

They sent us a range of fish products including their Fish Sticks, Fish Cubes, Cod Fingers, Salmon Oil and Some White Fish Training Treats with some Meat Training treats too.

I have been putting the Scottish Salmon Oil into Chesters food for the last two weeks and he has been reaping the benefits.

Salmon oil is a great way to strengthen your dog’s diet. It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support a healthy immune system, heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, healthy skin and coat and cognitive function.

I have seen a huge difference in Chester's skin. He has areas that are flaky and dry, not being able to bath him (Not a water baby) to rid him of his dry skin limits my options. I have looked into Salmon oil before but wasn't sure it would make a difference. I'm so pleased Angell gave us the opportunity to try it out!

Chester's favourite treat from the hamper were the fish sticks! He loved them so much that when I was trying to capture some photos of him eating them, I turned round to check the quality of the photos I had taken and he jumped on the tabled and scoffed the rest of the packet! Safe to say the photoshoot ended after that! (Naughty Corner)

He loved the whole hamper so much I'll have to stock up again soon. We used the cubes in some lick-mats and the fingers as a dental treat and of course the fish and meat training treats on training walks! None of them upset his stomach which is always my biggest concern.

The Angell Pet Company currently have £5 off a £45 spend with code 5off - Here is the link to their treat selection - Link

Thanks for reading

Sarah & Chester x

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