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Review: Applaws: Taste Toppers

Tasty Toppers have been designed by Applaws to 'add more happy' to our dogs dry biscuits.

We feed cold-pressed dry food to both Chester and Maisy, however due to his 'snobby' and her 'diva' like behaviour they demand complementary wet food to add some flavour to dinner time already, but always nice to mix it up for them and add more.

*The bold letters include a link to the description page on the Applaws website

Applaws kindly gifted us a selection box of their new range. They even addressed the box to him! We have tried a one almost every day this week and Chester has gotten so excited, If his drool is anything to go by they definitely added more happy to his dinner!

The selection included:

Bone Broth: Beef with Turmeric and Parsley

I turned this into Frozen paws and have been giving one to him every day with his dinner. He loves his Frozen Paws. Bone broth is a beneficial addition to a dogs diet and contains gelatine which helps restore and protect the gut lining. This fights against leaky gut and improves digestion.

Bone broth has loads of benefits:

- Supports joint health.

- Provides minerals/nutrients for a sick dog.

- Helps to boost the immune system.

- Offers relief from food allowing the body to detox.

- Great for an upset tummy.

- Helps to detox the liver.

I'll be publishing my recipe for this soon. I will definitely be purchasing more of this and might give the Chicken one a try too!

Broth: Chicken Breast with Broccoli, Apple and Quinoa

Chester loved the textured of this one the broth coated his whole dinner, when he'd finished his food he was still licking his bowl to get every single drop. The chicken was in lovely strips as if i'd just cooked and shredded it for him myself. Chester will eat most things you give him literally but i was still surprised that he enjoyed the Quinoa!

Gravy: Lamb with Courgette, Carrots and Chickpeas

I haven’t given Chester lamb so it was a new flavour for him to try and he gave it a quick sniff and dove in and he definitely enjoyed it. He loves gravy his nose always goes crazy when Pops makes homemade gravy for the human dinners.

Jelly: Lamb with Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Peas

Chester isn't that keen on Jelly so he didn’t get AS excited as he did for the others but the bowl was still clean!

Fillet: Beef Fillet with Red Pepper

This was such a treat! There is no added nasties either just Beef and Pepper! What more could you want! This was a big treat for Chester! He will get occasional scraps from a steak or Sunday roast but never such a lot of tender meat in one go. Boy did he enjoy it! Judged by the fact It lasted about 2 seconds, I swear he inhaled it! This won't be a regular topper for Chester but I will definitely get him one for a special occasion or as a special treat!

Stew: Chicken with Lamb, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Courgette

This was Chester's absolute favourite he started drooling the moment I opened the tin and didn't stop until he finished every scrap. It had lovely chunks of chicken and smelt like a home-cooked stew! Such luxury! Chesters Pops does occasionally cooks him a chicken stew but with no where near as much stew sauce or vegetables! This is definitely on our list to buy list and I might even treat him to one a week!

As a dog owner I love that they are so natural, I think Chester's had more vegetables than me this week and the the fillet of Beef was something else! We've finally found a brand that spoils our dogs as much are we do!

Thanks for reading

Sarah & Chester x

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