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Review: Calm Dog Games

Updated: May 29, 2020

Engaging, Fun and Beautifully Illustrated.

I cannot recommend Calm Dog Games enough, I have had the deck on my wish list for a while now and thought lockdown was the perfect time to take the plunge.

I have to admit I was hesitant as Chester is very intelligent and likes quite difficult games (Which are getting more difficult for me to keep up with) I was unsure if they would match his level or would be too easy. The bond and calm card were the main reason for purchasing as I have been unsure if my anxiety has been affecting him and wanted some structured games to encourage calmness in both him and me.

I am so pleased I did. Chester has been getting very bored and I've been getting annoyed. He has wanted more and more of my attention and managing that with University work has been testing.

Taking 10 minutes out with a Calm Dog Game card twice a day has changed our days, for the better.

The guide that comes with the cards includes levels for each game which has been great for us, a couple of the cards have been quite easy for Chester so we’ve skipped to a harder level and others he's finding challenging on level 1 which has been great for his stimulation.

I genuinely use a Focus/Puzzle or Play in the morning and a Bond or Calm in the evening before bed time.

Doing this has really benefited Chester, he is getting calmer each day and looking forward to card time. He does keep pushing the boundaries and will go over to the cards at points through the day and nudge them to try and get me to play one.

He is definitely enjoying them!

Sarah & Chester x

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