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Review: CBD Oil - Does it Work?

I have been trying Chester on Formula Swiss CBD Oil for over a week now. Formula Swiss’s Pet CBD Oil is made from top-shelf, CO2 extracted hemp. Overall my impression is that YES, it does work. It is helping Chester to tolerate more and is reducing his anxiety to a manageable level. His level of focus has always bothered me, the more anxious he gets the less he listens and i'm pleased to say that it works in that respect.

The formula contains two primary ingredients: CBD extract and carrier oil. It is also affordable, especially for the degree of quality and assurance that Formula Swiss provides.

Formula Swiss Pet CBD oils are available in 2 concentrations for pets: 300 mg, and 500 mg.

I have Chester on the 300 mg. The CBD is carried in either hemp seed oil, olive oil, beef aroma or chicken aroma. I give him the CBD Oil before or after his food (wait about 20-30 minutes either way) with Arden Grange Liver Paste.

Chester has the Chicken Flavour. I have been doing a daily update on my Instagram stories (I have a highlight if you want to have a look). Overall Chester has really taken to it. His tolerance of small noises has hugely increased as well as his tolerance for more unusual noise that have previously bothered him much more. One downside of Formula Swiss is that their recommended doses aren't stated on the product page nor in the leaflet in the box. So initially I just did some research and went with two drops a day to see how it went, if he needed more I would increase the dose.

For the first seven days I have to admit two drops was sufficient enough to stop him barking out of fear, he has still been jumpy, so I was in two mind if to change the dose or not. However last night I came across one of their blogs which had dose information. Now I know exactly how much maximum I can give him, i have decided to go to 4 drops a day. (Ill keep this updated in my Instagram stories)

I wanted to do this blog for anyone who is considering using CBD oil, so they know how much they should be giving them.

Formula Swiss recommends the following dosing regime:

Small dogs up to 10 kg should receive 4 – 6 drops daily of 3% CBD oil.

Medium dogs 10 – 25 kg should receive 8- 12 drops daily of 3% CBD oil.

Large dogs 25 kg and over should receive approximately 15 drops of 3% CBD oil

Thanks for reading

Sarah & Chester x

Some helpful Links about CBD and how it works

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