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Surprise! We're getting a Puppy!

I can’t believe I can finally post this!

We are adding a new addition to Chester's craziness.

She is absolutely adorable, she is a gorgeous golden/red Cockapoo and will be home with us in early September (I will be revealing her name in another post) i'm so excited to watch her grow and get to experience the dog friendly world with my two fur babies, let the puppy organisation begin!

I wanted to document Chesters puppyhood via blog but my inexperience let me down and I only started his blog when he was 18 month old. But i'm not letting that stop me this time and I will be documenting it all. If there are any puppy blogs you'd love to see from us let me know in the comments.

Get ready for the highs, lows and all the puppy antics

But first stop; Puppy shopping!

Hope you'll come on this journey with us!

Sarah & Chester xx

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