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Tested: Waterless Nilaqua

Most of you know Chester can’t stand Baths! But he does get a bit smelly/muddy! (Very occasionally as Chester would claim) We have already tried 4 or 5 Waterless shampoos but all leave a sticky residue, don’t leave his coat as shiny or leave him with dandruff

We found Nilaqua on Instagram purely by fluke they were a follow suggestion, and I checked their profile to see what they were about. Chester still isn’t a fan of any liquid on him. So when i found out that they made a Towel-off shampoo I was a bit sceptical with so many failures previously.

I had a look around their website with only the litre bottle in stock. I had a quick Google and found a 200ml bottle. Their description – No Mess – simply apply the liquid directly to the coat, massage to release odours and lift dirt, remove thoroughly by towel drying.

The bottle was £7.76 and arrived the next day. So I though I’d give it a go. Initially I loved the smell! Described by Nilaqua as Mulberry. It’s not too overpowering but a nice scent. Chester doesn’t like overpowering and will refuse to come near the bottle. As you can see with Nilaqua he came straight over for a whiff 😊

Overall I would rate Nilaqua – 9/10

7/10 – For ease of use – It is very watery so comes out of the bottle fast! A pourer on the bottle would definitely improve this. Making it a bit easier for those with dogs that wont stay still

9/10 – For stickiness – Lot’s of other brands we’ve tried have always dried sticky, which has meant that i’ve had to fight and wipe Chester down with water. Hence my scepticism about trying another. But this really isn’t sticky there is a little residue if you don’t rub the towel for long enough but not an issue.

10/10 – For smell – I absolutely adore the smell it isn’t too feminine for the boys but not masculine either. And it definitely takes the wet dog smell away!

7/10 – For drying – Whether it’s just Chester’s thick coat or the product itself i’m not certain (id have to try it out on another breed to be sure), but drying definitely takes time AKA lots of towel rubbing. We’ve used the shampoo five times now the first two I dried lightly and their was a small residue (not sticky) i then continued to dry until his fur has no obviousness wetness at all. This was much better in terms of the residue but a lot more effort!

A massive thank you to Nilaqua who’s shampoo might have just changed Chesters mind about bath time, hopefully forever!

The Towel-off shampoo can also be used on puppies, cats, kittens, horses and rabbits

Sarah and Chester x

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