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The big B word

I wanted to make the title of this post slightly humorous. But the decision is far from, to be completely honest it plaques me with anxiety every-time i contemplate it. But it was always something I had to think about, as Maisy our family dog isn't Spayed. She is now in heat and is driving Chester mad. We had always known this was going to happen as he was going to be exactly 1 in April, the same month as she was due into heat, but I was firmly with the research that getting puppies neutered before 12 months has more health implications than benefits.

My anxiety comes down to two reasons:

I don't want Chester to go under General Anaesthetic when it isn't necessary. (Neutering is technically a cosmetic procedure)

What if his anxiety heighten unimaginably? We have had a slightly rocking journey in terms of neutering so far, with so many conflicting options it confused the hell out of me!

So I took it upon my self to find an alternative the was right for Chester and myself. I'd heard about chemical castration and loved the idea, it was a simple procedure with all the effects of the operation, but with limited side effects and it's reversible! The drug is called Suprelorin and Chester is having the 4.7mg Implant at 3pm today.

The Suprelorin implant is designed to prevent fertility and suppress libido in male dogs for a minimum of six or twelve months, depending on the size of the implant (4.7 or 9.4mg). The implant, is placed beneath the skin between the shoulders, it releases a slow and continuous dose of deslorelin, a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). Deslorelin suppresses the reproductive endocrine system by preventing the production of pituitary hormones and testosterone.

Throughout the time the implant is active the dog remains infertile and behaves as if they are castrated. although it can take between 2-3 weeks after implantation for testosterone to be reduced, and about 6 weeks to become infertile due to sperm stored in the reproductive tract.

As it's not a majorly popular choice in the UK, i may do some further blogs on our journey for any one who is also thinking along the same lines.

Sarah & Chester x

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