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The Church Mouse is Dog Friendly

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

You can take your pooch along to The Church Mouse! Find out more about their dog friendly offerings below, and get visiting with your four-legged friend.

The Church Mouse Pub Front

You can find The Church Mouse at:

Front Street,

Chester Moor,



They name themselves the best dog friendly pub in Chester-Le-Street.

When Chester Met Crumbles verdict

The Church Mouse is a updated traditional pub located on the front street of Chester Moor a small village set back from the main road of the A167. The pub had ample outdoor seating areas but upon entering the pub the decor is rustic, homely and comfortable with exposed beams and log fires. Serving Mediterranean and British menus.

All areas of the Church Mouse are dog friendly, But the bar area is the best if your eating with your dog. The pub as a whole has a very dog friendly attitude and treats are regularly available with lots of fuss if your dog wants it. They will also bring your dog a water bowl to your table. The outdoor areas have both rattan and wooden seating with heated parasols for the colder months. For dogs they have a Muddy Paw Drinking Station with water bowls for a self-serve experience. The grassy area is great for the summer months as it's shaded and cool.

Humans can enjoy a range of seasonal dishes, drinks and cocktails at the Church Mouse. Have nibbles to start with Halloumi fries. The All Day menu offers a huge selection from Sticky Duck & Hoisin Pizza, King Prawn & Crab Linguine to Banoffee Crumble. Or after a Sunday morning walk enjoy a delicious roast (I can personally vouch for how delicious they are!)

And even though the pub is very welcoming and dog friendly if you prefer to enjoy The Church Mouse at home with your pup, you can with their takeaway menu!

🐾 Dog facilities:

🐾 Great outdoor area

🐾 This is a snug and quiet restaurant.

🐾 Water bowl provided for your dog

🐾 Treats available from staff

🐾 Will prepare scrambled egg on request in a bowl

On our most recent visit we had Brunch. While us humans tucked into the Full English Breakfast and Pancakes. The dogs were treated to scrambled egg in bowls brought to the table. Very spoilt pups!

Opening Hours Brunch : 9:00 - 11:30 Saturday and Sunday Lunch and Dinner: 11:30 - 23:00 Monday to Friday Sunday: 9:00 - 22:00

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17 Ιουν 2023
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Is Brunch just Saturday & Sunday?

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17 Ιουν 2023
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Always looking for more dog friendly pubs to visit! Thanks for the recommendation

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