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The Innocent Hound - Training Treats

Back in July we were sent some of The Innocent Hounds fabulous new training treats! (Tuna & Crab) The perfect miniature training aid! We were asked to be a taste taster (well Chester was, although I am partial to Tuna and Crab myself!) They contain: Tuna fillet (44%), British crab (26%), vegetable glycerine, sweet potato, minerals, parsley – And thats all! I can’t recommend these enough, seriously they are tiny little miracle workers! Most of you know that Chester has been in intensive training for a while now. He is massively food motivated anyway, but when he is off-lead he can get a be preoccupied with certain tasty types of poo! Which is something we have been really working on. :) Tuna has always been a firm favourite with Chester so I knew instantly that he would love them. With these his recall is almost second to none! Hallelujah! Just need more now

Personally I hate treats that sink out my pocket or treat bag especially when its hot, usually fish ones follow this trend, I am so glad these didn’t, they obviously smell but very is’t subtle to us humans. Although there is one very large downside, sorry @theinnocenthound I promised i’d be honest – how could you possibly design a treat where the recommended portion is 5 to 10 treats! Chester is fuming!

Woofly translated: “These are the tastiest treats I’ve ever had! They even beat cheese! But when I found out I was only allowed 5 to 10 a day…. LIKE seriously guys come on 1 packet a day wouldn’t be enough. To make it worse you wrote it on the packet in human so now mum won’t budge on the portion control! You made and destroyed my life in a day!”

As they only have 1.35% fat are and gently air-dried in Yorkshire to retain their nutrients and flavour…………..I can give him more right? Look at that face!

Overall we absolutely love The Innocent Hounds new treats and will be recommending them to anyone we can

Thank you for having us @theinnocenthound

Sarah & Chester x

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