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The Pretty Paper Cottage

Before Chester arrived I began searching for all the perfect items to help add him to the house. One of the first thing I wanted was a Toy bag. After looking through typical pet sites I wondered if there would be something more personal & unique on Etsy. After a short search I came across The Pretty Paper Cottage. There are such wonderful personalised items on her shop mainly for humans, but she does do two fantastic items for dogs.

I purchased the medium size which is big enough to hold around 20 toys (To Chester’s standard!)

It is 100% cotton canvas, with rope handles that are tough enough, to so far withstand Chester’s torment at every opportunity. Although ideal for the floor in a living room, play area or hallway, ours has become a permanent fixture of the stairs banister!

They are all made to order and come with a variety of coloured writing to match pups personality or your decor.

[Laura] Also adds paw prints and other little symbols to the bottom of the bag so you can pick something that goes with your dogs personality. I went with paw prints purely on the fact there are muddy ones constantly in our house! It suits them both.

After two month of use, its still in great condition [It may not be if i let Chester at it!]

All round it would not only be a product that we recommend, but we recommend the whole shop [The Pretty Paper Cottage] Laura takes such time and care in making these bags and it shines through!

Thanks for reading

Sarah & Chester x

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