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The Secrets to Keeping Toys

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

All puppies and dogs are generally what we as humans consider to be 'destructive' with toys. Although chewing, tugging and scratching are completely normal dog behaviours and teach our dogs a lot. Young dogs in particular enjoy playing, keeping active and discovering and exploring their new environment. Us humans however do get fed up of constantly buying new toys especially when some can be expensive. But the right toys can help them on the exciting mission of discovery while keeping them physically, and dentally fit.

In this Blog Im going to share Chester's top tough toys and a one amazing tip on how to get your dogs to stop destroying their toys. (For us this worked more on soft toys as both Chester and Maisy want to rip the stuffing out)

Kong Wubba - The ultimate tough toy.

Tug-E-Nuff - Sheepskin tugger - Although they can be destroyed when used a LOT (Chester likes to try and pick out the sheepskin fur) they are very durable.

PetFace Fruit and Vegetables - We literally own them all, they are latex

Any Rope Toy - Our favourite is the extra long one from Pets at home - Link - They are great for together play unless you leave them alone which would should if they eat rope like Chester then they last a lifetime.

Okay now time for my ultimate secret, it might not work for all dogs but it works for Chester.

Rub your scent all over it! It's that simple. Every new toy Chester gets it gets stuck down my top for about an hour. Not one using this technique has ever been ripped apart! Hope it helps you save those toys!

Comment below or message me on Instagram if this works for you! I'd love to know

Thanks for reading

Sarah & Chester x

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