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Arthritis: So what exactly do you have?

My Diagnosis has not been a simple one. As of 2017 I was told that my arthritis was idiopathic enthesitis related but since seeing a new rheumatologist in 2019 that suggested it also could have an element of psoriatic (Which I can't pronounce for toffee!)

It might just be me but until 2017 I only really knew that two types of Arthritis existed: Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis. Being diagnosed with idiopathic enthesis-related made me feel like a fraud. People perceived it as either really rare and confusing or that I was making it up. Which makes coming to terms with having this illness even harder.

This year has been even more challenging as my arthritis has begun to affect both of my hands (Something i'm not ashamed to say hit me for six and i'm still coming to term with) and my left foot. It left me trying to contact my Rheumatologist in Covid. I couldn't get an appointment straight away so went to my GP who was wonderful! He helped me get the pain under some control, tried to get the inflammation under control with Naproxen that unfortunately didn't work, and requested an urgent review with my rheumatologist.

He also listen to me complain and cry over my hands! i've come to terms that my life was never going to mean that I could kneel down or sit crossed legged but I never imagined it would mean not being able to pick up my phone or type!

Anyway after my appointment my rheumatologist he gave me a PLAN finally! It probably sounds so stupid but i've been living in limbo for so many years trying to figure out if anyone was going to give me actual medication or tell me what was going to happen in a year! I came home gave Chester the biggest hug and cried into his fur! He really is my world and my rock! (and my Mum obviously)

Basically he gave me a steroid injection to help the swelling, he wants a contrast MRI in October, then he is going to get me into the care of the rheumatology nurses and then start me on Methotrexate. But thats for another blog!

Sarah & Chester x

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