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6 brilliant Christmas presents for your dog

Welcome to our Christmas Gift Guide for dogs for 2022. Christmas is always the perfect time to treat your dog. Hopefully you'll find some good suggestions below for you pups to unwrap this Christmas!

1) Lords and Labrador High Wall Savanna Bed For Dogs

Chester and Crumble both have Savanna beds. Chester in Oatmeal and Crumble in Stone although I do want to upgrade Crumble to a personalised one soon!

I absolutely love these beds and have recommended them to many of our friends who's dogs now love them too, they are stylish for your home, high quality and most importantly comfortable and snuggly for our fur babies!

The super cosy Savanna high wall beds come in a choice of luxury colours, they’re super cosy, super soft and your dog will love cuddling up inside getting all snuggly against the high sided walls (Chester and Crumble certainly do!). The only decision is what colour to go for!

The Savanna bed come in three sizes so you’ll be sure to find the the bed perfect for your dog - you can even personalise it with their name too for an extra special touch! -

Don’t worry about their muddy paw prints getting on the bed either as the Savanna material is extremely durable and the bed will look beautiful for years if given the right care! Chester is a right mucky pup and it's been over and year now and it's still as good as new!

You can also wash the beds at 30 degrees and lay to air dry to keep it in tip top condition!

2) Shepard and Friends Rudolph and Friends Christmas Treat box

The pawfect Christmas treat to keep your pooches busy this festive season! Shepards & Friends are a small, family run business that provides natural dog treats for your furry friends at an affordable price. They have such an amazing Christmas range out this year. Chester and Crumble have one of their advent calendars along with this Rudolph gift box!

The Rudolph Christmas treat box is packed full of festive delights for your pup because everyone deserves some pigs in blankets at this time of year!

Let's check out what’s s inside:

1 Small & 1 Large Pigs in Blankets - Pork & chicken sausages wrapped in a crunchy pork rind

5 Festive Meat Sticks

1 Veggie Christmas Tree

1 Veggie Candy Cane

2 Chicken Pancakes

1 Veggie Christmas Tree Stick

2 Partridge Meat Strips

2 Lamb Meat Strips

1 Turkey Sausage

1 Black Pudding Sausage

Crumble and Chester are absolutely going to love tucking into all these festive treats!

3) Tug-E-Nuff Powerball Bungee Tug

Chester is tug obsessed while Crumble is ball obsessed, Tug-e-Nuff say they’ve created the ‘world’s most perfect dog ball’ in their specially designed PowerBall toy.

The PowerBall bungee, costing £18.95 is a brightly coloured and interactive toy that can be tugged, thrown and fetched making it the ideal toy with Chester and Crumble.

The bungee range is more robust in comparison to other Tug-e-Nuff toys, making it particularly good for stronger dogs, using two strands of shock cord, reducing the risk of jarring the handler’s shoulder or the dog’s neck during play. It comes in three three eye-catching core colours to choose from, but each PowerBall has a blue outer shell as that’s the colour dogs see best. Tug-e-Nuff said: “Unlike conventional tennis balls, which are often made with dangerous glass fibres, the PowerBall is non-toxic and non-abrasive. It’s also tuggable, bounceable and the perfect weight for throwing.”

Tug-e-Nuff might just be right when they say “We think it’s the world’s most perfect dog ball, and we’re certain your canine companion will agree.” Chester gets so giddy when I bring the PowerBall Bungee tug out, to keep it in the best condition we have tug-time, specifically just for me and him to play with his tug, then it goes away which makes it even more exciting for him when I bring it back out. A perfect stocking filler!

You can shop the Tug-E-Nuff range for yourself here. Use code Charming_Chesterfield for money off

4) Forthglade Christmas Collection

You know how much we love Forthglade! With Christmas just six weeks away you better get ordering the Forthglade Christmas Collection, Each product is made with natural ingredients and gently steamed to retain maximum goodness, meaning they’re certain to get a tail wag of approval from your four-legged friend this Christmas. Here’s what Forthglade has to offer this festive season.

First up there’s the 12 meals of Christmas; inside you'll find three flavours turkey, spring lamb and beef. We use them as a Forthglade advent calendar counting down the days to christmas at dinner time! The turkey option is of course the special limited edition festive recipe, which has been paired with lamb, spring veg and mint, as well as beef with pumpkin and broccoli – all of which contain 75 per cent meat, prime for a balanced and fulfilling diet.

Suitable for dogs over the age of one year, this high quality food is produced right here in the UK in a purpose built factory in Dartmoor, Devon, packed full of natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals to make sure your dog gets the nutrition they need. Cost wise 12 trays cost £19.49, while 24 come in at £37.68 and 48 priced at £73.44.

Second up is the limited edition christmas dinner turkey with cranberry and parsnip. There are 4 trays included in the 12 meals of Christmas but when purchasing the christmas collection there is an additional 7 trays! Packed full of meaty goodness, with 75% turkey, combined with suitably seasonal cranberry and parsnip for a delicious grain free festive dinner. Perfect to enjoy on the 25th of December while your sitting down to your festive feast your pup can be tucking into their own!

Finally there’s the limited edition natural soft bite treats with turkey and cranberry, returning from Christmas 2021 as they were so popular. The Christmas turkey and cranberry soft bite treats are made in Forthglades signature heart design. They are marked with a line down the centre to easily divide them in two. This makes them perfect for sharing if you’re a multi dog household, which is essential when you have a greedy Border Collie and an even greeder Cockapoo. They’re suitable for puppies over eight weeks, meaning even if it’s their very first Christmas like Crumble's, they’ll be able to enjoy the taste of Forthglade this December.

5) Sodapup Stuffable Christmas Tree

This Christmas Tree enrichment Toy is perfect for bring the festive spirit to your dogs meal times! Chester loved this last year and it will be coming back out this year. Last year he kept bringing it back to me to refill! I love the texture of this toy, it's soft but not destroyed-in-five-minutes soft but easy enough for dogs to chew. It is designed to withstand the abuse of most "power chewer" dogs.

You can fill the Christmas Tree Toy with treats like cold-pressed dry food, wed dog food, peanut butter, baby fruit purees or your favorite dog treat recipe. Perfect for Christmas enrichment!

6) Petface Christmas Yasmin Yule Log Dog Toy

Petface Christmas Latex Yule Log dog toy with squeaker in body. This cute Christmas dog toy is the perfect present for your pet this Christmas! It's small it's squeaky and its festive all a dog could want at Christmas!

We grabbed our from you can use code SARAH10 for money off!

Hopefully that gives you some ideas for presents for you fur babies, BUT check back soon because I may have a few more exciting items to add at the beginning of December!

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!

Sarah, Chester and Crumble x

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