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Forthglade: 12 Meals of Christmas

The Festive Flavours have arrived! Well they arrived a while ago but we only just got our paws on them! But we are (well I say we, I mean Chester) very excited to try them!

Click the link below to go straight to the Forthglade website!

With our code CHESTER20 you’ll get 20% off your first order!

12 Meals of Christmas sounds so festive doesn't it! Chester has been getting a festive meal every year naturally i top it with some of our Christmas trimmings and add some gravy too! I'm a extra dog mum like that! Chester has been trying out the 12 Meals Of Christmas to give you the lowdown on which is the best!

Turkey with Cranberry and Parsnip - Chester Rating - 10/10!

Chester adored this. His normal meal is Turkey so I knew he would love this. It has been a tradition for 3 years now (Yes it's his 3rd Christmas - Where the heck did the time go!) to get a Forthglade festive meal for the big day! When you open the tray the cranberries and parsnip are visible through the whole meal, like a real Christmas lunch!

Beef with pumpkin & broccoli - Chester Rating - 9/10

I haven't given Chester very much Beef as he wasn’t keen when he was a pup and got more excited over Turkey, Chicken and Fish recipes. But I was excited to try him out on it. He got really excited when I open the packet. He sniffed it a bit to start and then dove in. Pumpkin and Broccoli are both vegetables he gets as a treat so I think he was surprised to see them in his food! Put it this way there wasn't any left!

Lamb with spring veg & mint - Chester Rating - 7/10

Again Lamb isn’t something i've often fed Chester but it was really nice to try him out on another different recipe. He spent more time sniffing this one. I don't think he's ever smelt lamb aside from when his Pops is cooking one!

They also have a super fancy Christmas meal -

Gourmet Turkey & Goose with Pumpkin and Cranberries

This has a Chester rating of 20/10 - It is just that delicious!

It isn't included in the box above but is available to buy in its own multi-packs.

Link below!

It must be the Goose but this gets the drool going for Chester. He has different levels to dinner excitement. He is always excited, he wags his tails and will always try and jump up to get the food before i've even put it down.

But if he catches a smell he doesn’t get often or smells something super tasty (like this) he attempts to keep his bum on the floor while wagging his tail, but then the drool starts! He can't contain himself around the Gourmet Turkey & Goose!

This recipe is part of Forthglades, National Trust co-branded range of gourmet dinners, which means that when you buy it, you’ll also be helping to support the amazing work of the National Trust

If you would like some recipes of how we use our festive meals pop a comment below!

Remember with our code CHESTER20 you’ll get 20% off your first order!

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!

Sarah & Chester xx

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