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Pups Hot Chocolate: Christmas Style!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without at least one (or 20) Hot Chocolate's! Why should our pups be left out? This year I decided to make Chester some Hot (warm) Chocolate (You could also serve it cold). I dug out my Carob, Coconut oil and Soya milk and created this festive recipe!

Hot Chocolate made from Carob, Peanut butter and Soya Milk served with a homemade biscuit!

What you will need:

40g of Carob

5g of Coconut Oil

5g of Peanut butter (Or tailor for you dog)

100ml Of Soya Milk (or Lactose free or any milk your dog can drink)

How to Make:

🎅🏻 Start with your Carob and Coconut Oil in a pan on very low heat

🎅🏻 Stir with a wooden spoon continuously so it doesn't burn

🎅🏻 When the Carob is beginning to melt add your peanut butter

🎅🏻 When Carob is completely melted start adding in Soya milk slowly it may look like it's separating to begin with but it will come back together

🎅🏻 Let it cool slightly (It needs to be warm not hot)

🎅🏻 Pour into bowl add Biscuits at the side and then serve!

If you make our recipe today on Christmas Eve please tag us in your stories! We would love to see your pups enjoying their treat!

Thanks for Reading

Sarah & Chester x

Have a very Merry Christmas 🎄

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