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Christmas Eve Box: Creation

Updated: Feb 15

As I mentioned in our previous blog. Christmas Eve Boxes have become a fundamental part of our traditional Christmas and obviously the dog are a fundamental part of our family so it's only right they have their own custom made boxes!

In our last blog I detailed what i'd bought to make the boxes (including the boxes themselves) and my design plan. Check that blog out first if you want to get some supplies to make your own.

This blog is dedicated to creating them!

I have attempted to be a vlogger in this blog. I thought that a video might be easier! Don't get excited I have no voiceover! But I have made a sort of video of me creating Maisy's box. I did have some more clips but they mysteriously deleted themselves! I didn't film Chesters as I had tape measures out finding the middle of the box, lining the shapes up and having a meltdown when the shapes didn't go straight it was not video worthy!

Here is our Christmas Eve Box Creation!

You might need to pause some of the written bits....

The final boxes!

I haven't decided if I want to add anything more to Chester's as it looks a bit bare compared to Maisy! I may have gone overboard with the size of the box!

Now we've created the box we have 38 days to fill it! Below I've listed some different categories for what could be included in your Pup's Christmas Eve box but at the forefront of your mind when putting one together is that it should include items that can be used and enjoyed on that day and that will make your Pup's Christmas Eve even more special. Obviously a Christmas Jumper/Onesie is essential and where possible should be matched with the families ones where possible. I also love to make mine as festive as possible so almost everything will be Christmas themed. I love Christmas!

Something To Eat

Whizmee Christmas Chew

Earth Animal Chew

JR Braided Lamb

Christmas Treats

(I like chews to keep them busy)

Something To Wear


Christmas Jumper/Onesie

Bow tie

Christmas Collar

Christmas Tag

Something To Play With

Christmas Themed:

Soft Toy


Squeaky Toy

Rope Toy

Something They Need

Personalised Towel

New Bowl (If box is big enough)

Treat Toy

Grooming Products

Something Cute

Cosy Christmas Blanket

Reindeer Ears

Personalised Cushion

It's really up to you how much you choose to include in your Christmas Eve boxes, there are no rules! But I personally think it's important to not go overboard because it shouldn't take too much away from the gift giving of Christmas Day. It could also overwhelm your pups if they have too many gifts. My tip; Let them open a couple of presents Christmas Morning and them play and do some more in the afternoon or even boxing day!

Will you be doing Christmas Eve boxes this year?  And will you be making them?

Thank you for reading

Sarah & Chester x

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