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Paws In Need: How Wire Fence is Helping Dogs in Need This Christmas

Christmas and the festive season are always tough times for rescue centres, caring for many dogs and unfortunately taking more in over the winter period than at any other time during the year. With the amount of puppies sold reaching its highest level during lockdown December/January 2021 could see the largest amount of dogs ever to be given up.

Due to current lockdown restrictions in certain areas and social distancing guidelines, many animal rescue centres are also currently unable to re-home dogs to new owners, meaning that hundreds of dogs could remain in shelters this Christmas while they wait for restrictions to be lifted and new owners being permitted to visit them.

According to RSPCA more than 4,000 animals were dumped during the festive season across England and Wales.

Wire Fence is a Wire Fencing supplies online retail company in the UK who as part of their business have been regularly raising money for various charities and causes. They only started trading last year and are still quite a small company. But are trying to make a big impact!

This December on the 18th they have pledge to donate 100% of their profits to a rescue centre. They have asked any rescue centre that would like to be considered to share their Facebook post and then the centre with the most likes on the shared post on the 18th will be chosen! They hope that the money will really make a difference to the rescue centre and the dogs or animals that currently live there. Which i'm sure it will!

Go to their page to share the post or to help the charities that have already applied!

Aside from the festive season Wire Fence are also committed to many causes. There goal at the moment is to organize a different fundraising every month. But they also are always open to offer additional help to those in need (How Kind!).

They have a dedicated form for donation requests which can be found at the address below! If you know of a charity/animal shelter that really needs some help, new toys or some extra help with the food bills, nominate them below.

As a family we have been packing a small box and donating it to our local charity for a few years now. We buy a few things we know the dogs will need like toys and food and then we donate old blankets/towels or baskets if we have any. Christmas is a time for giving however big or small!

Thanks for reading

Sarah & Chester x

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