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Purely Pet Supplies: Christmas Picks

Most of you know how much I love Lauren and Purely Pet Supplies. She is literally the best she is so helpful and has always helped me pick suitable treats and chews for Chester!If you haven't already bought of her then WHY NOT?

I normally place an order a month minimum but I had been waiting until their Christmas range was launched to order twice to three times as much! Since our order I've had loads of messages from our Instagram followers asking what we got and what we recommend.

You all should know by now that Chester is a Collie and his toys have to be strong and durable and I'm honest about my recommendations I also purchase toys for Chester on the basis of what material they are, how he will play with them and if their are any small parts he could eat (yes he's tried a lot to eat little parts)

Here are my 10 favourite Christmas picks:

1. Sport Pet Balls

Sports Pet Balls! They are Chesters favourite balls (apart from his own) he adores the high-bounce so much! This was a no brainer when they brought out their Christmas designs I HAD to have them. They are durable, bouncy and last until you lose them! The only downside in our house is we have a lot of furniture which is quite high off the floor so most of our Sports Pet balls have spend a considerable amount of time under their! The tennis balls don't fit thank goodness and they are just equally as cute!

2. Holly and Robin

I have only just come across this brand. But let's be honest these are so so adorable and a total must for Christmas. At 14cm they are the perfect size. Chester loves little balls like the Sports Pet ones because they fit into his mouth and he can carry them around but he does always put them under the furniture. These are fab for carrying as they are soft! They have no small parts of any dangly bits that can be ripped easily so they get approval from me!

3. Kong

Although not Christmas themed it is our go-to entertainment toy and will be perfect for putting Christmas treats in for the whole festive season before and after! (we'll be putting out Lily's Kitchen Proper Treats in it) This keeps Chester entertained for hours..Literally! depending how many treats I put in there and how big they are. He does get rather frustrated when he can't get the big one one though!

4. GoodBoy

These are both soft Latex balls. Our dogs love a good squeak and this has plenty. Available in a Robin or Santa Face. It is such a cute toy for Christmas and is the perfect stocking filler. We have a lot of latex toys because they are not easily destroyed. They get hours of fun out of them. We still have last years! These definitely get my approval.

5. Rosewood

This could go horribly wrong and there could be stuffing everywhere or they could latch and love it so much. I have spoken in my previous post about how I stick soft toys under my top for a couple of hours to transfer my scent onto it so that the dogs don't destroy them. It is clear it works as the ones I forgot to scent transfer get ripped apart in seconds. This bear is just too cute and I always get Chester a large toy. At 29cm wide and 33cm in height this certainly ticks that box!

6. GoodBoy

I just loved this so much it is such a cute toy! I know it has antlers that are probably going to be pulled but the nose isn’t an extra bit which is a plus! The reindeer head is actually a bouncy ball and the hat is a thrower. Chester loves to dance around with his toys flinging them everywhere! So this was must buy for me. I try get Chester toys he will play with on his own because otherwise he would spend all his time playing with me and I would get absolutely nothing done! I do play with him a lot!

7. Earth Animal

These are expensive but are so worth it! They are one of the only chews that last Chester more than 10 minutes. We have tried the Chicken and the Salmon so i have no doubt that the Christmas feast will be equally loved. I choose the small size as when we get chews that last a long time Chester ends up with a small bit left he'll try and bury which starts a fight with Maisy. The small is eaten and that's it! Also very importantly they are rawhide free and easily digestible!

8. Whimzees

Whimzees are vegetable-based natural recipe chews. Chester love them! We get the medium sized one! These are more an everyday chew for Chester to help keep plaque to a minimum. They come in affordable bag which have different qualities depending on the size for example M has 14 chews but L has 7. Every year in their Christmas eve boxes Chester and Maisy get a Christmas Tree and Snowman Chew. Even though they are exactly the same as normal Whimzees they get so excited about the Christmas shaped ones.

9. GoodBoy

Stuff-free toys are Chester's best friends. He adores using his nose on them. He doesn’t cuddle them as much as his soft toys but by using his nose, they wear him out quicker which is a huge bonus! They are also perfect for Maisy who loves to seek out stuffing in toys so it takes away that desire. This is quite a large toy at 34cm. I also bought this as it is not exclusively Christmas! last year we bought way to many santas and still have them now! So this year I made a effort to choose christmas and Winter themes toys.

10. Denzels

We LOVE Denzels! They are 100% natural and perfect for Collies sensitive tummies. We've probably tried every flavour! We only get these for occasions to keep them special the dogs get so excited because they don't get them that often! Anything Christmas dinner themed Chester will get! I am a bit obsessed with Christmas if you can't already tell!

Purely Pets Supplies has kindly give you £5 off when you spend £50 with code CHESTER5

So go get Christmas shopping!!

Thanks For Reading

Sarah & Chester x

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