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South Causey Inn - Dog Friendly Dining Pods

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

South Causey Inn's private Dining Pods are the ultimate alfresco dining experience, the best bit is they’re dog friendly!

The South Causey Inn near Beamish in County Durham is a rustic gem of a pub that you simply must add to your list of places to visit this summer especially to experience the Dining Pods. This establishment is a beautiful country family pub, restaurant, hotel and cocktail bar situated in the heart of the Beamish valley just 6 miles outside of Durham City.

And it is our favourite dog friendly dining location!

To celebrate Pops Birthday we headed to experience the private dining pods at the South Causey Inn.

The Dining Pods are situated in the beautiful gardens and offer a safe and secluded dining experience where your own personal server will serve food and drinks. Originally installed when hospitality started to open after the lockdown of 2020 they quickly became popular and have become a permanent much loved feature for South Causey hosting many dining party's and events.

As many of our followers know I have a rare form of Arthritis and take Biological medication to help control the progression of my disease, this medication suppresses my immune system which means I cant fight infection as easily. The dining pods were especially appealing to us as we really haven’t eaten out much since the pandemic, I will admit I have become anxious of large numbers of people and have become much more germaphobic since the pandemic, which makes the Dining Pods even more perfect.

There are multiple Dining pods on site at The South Causey Inn ranging in size:

Dining Pod - Can be booked for 2 guests to a maximum of 6 guests

Super Dining Pod - Can be booked for 7 guests to a maximum of 12 guests

Super Duper Dining Pod - Can be booked for 12 guests to a maximum of 18 guests

DJM Photography

As we were only a party of 3 (& 2 Dogs) we were seated in a regular dining pod. The dogs were brought a water bowl for the pod which Chester was very happy about as it wasn’t incredibly hot but he gets very hot with his colouring in even lower temperatures. He happily lay on the floor drinking while we were dining.

The Pod menu is extensive with the best offering from South Causey ranging from Pies and Pizza to Soup or Salads. They also have a greats drinks menu with many delicious cocktails. Additionally you can arrange to have Afternoon Tea in the pods

I started with a Dark 'n' Stormy mocktail (driving) then dove straight into the main menu, where I choose the Chicken melt burger topped with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce it was so tasty although annoyingly I had to change my bun from a brioche bun to an ordinary bun due to an intolerance to egg but the staff were amazing about it!, Pops sampled the Lamb Kofta Burger while Nanny went for the Cheese Burger.

Hope you head to The South Causey Inn and check it out for yourself soon!

Sarah & Chester x

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Thanks for recommendation. The pods at this place are absolutely beautiful, food was unreal and portion size huge definitely worth the money.

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